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Having access to accurate and salient business information can mean the difference between good and great decisions. See the examples below for the different types of market research options available here on MyEntre.Net!*  

Industry Overview

Video Tape Rental Businesses

Industry Associations

Trucking Industry

Demographic Profile

50 Miles around 97299
(Portland, OR)

Consumer Spending

50 Miles around 97299
(Portland, OR)


Individual Company Profile
(can also do many companies
in a region/industry, excel format)


Examples of Specific Questions

Q: Where can I find an employee handbook?

A: See this article: Creating your employee handbook

Q: How much does the average car owner in Illinois pay for car tire repair/replacement a year?

A: For 2009 the estimate is about $156.27 (If actually asked, you would get the full report for all automotive costs) 

Q: What is the retail potential for a women's clothing store in Illinois?

A: Total retail potential is $1,185,339,178; average per household spending on women's clothing is about $245


 * Please note that pages have been removed and some data has been censored in the examples above.  Your market research files will be complete.